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This site is for all of gods people to give praise to the lord and share there time god has blessed them on this planet with the world. If you have any talents or praises ,maybe a prayer you want to share please reply to this blog.

DAY1: I will start with the reason I started MDAAC . I have been looking for a way to express my feelings and thoughts for so long. I started with music I have been writing  and performing music my whole life. Though it  was of the world and for the world it helped me express the things I was experiencing with everyone and anyone that would hear it. I tried for about 10 years to get a record deal and though I have toured and performed in some great places, I have found that it just wasn’t enough .  I have had an on and off relationship with the lord my entire life until, these last few years I have realized my purpose or part of my purpose here on earth. I have experienced so many things like you   through the course of my life. So hard to live in  a world that promotes violence, sex, drugs. I was part of that problem til I realized that none of it was enough to fill my appetite .  I needed more or I should say GOD expected more.  My lord JESUS Christ blessed me with the power of thought sounds kind of plain but if you look at what this world is coming to lack of train of thought is the problem. Very few people are willing to think about what there doing it’s a virus that has crippled not only my generation but everyone. So I have chosen this platform to express myself hope you will join me and share your DAY AS A CHRISTIAN.



NOTE: In no way shape or form is this blog in anyway intended to hurt affend anyone just doing my part to share with the wolrd my thoughts.


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